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Latest Spam Weapon Defeated by ClearMyMail - PDF Spam Not a Problem (PRWeb via )

ClearMyMail keeps ahead of the spammers again by blocking their latest method of trying to by-pass the filters.

Put the Katz e-mails on eBay (The Record)

Search Results for e mail spam blockerIT'S TIME. Raise the curtain. We need the answer. Every pundit and politician in New Jersey believes Governor Corzine's plan for asset monetization involves the leasing or selling of the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway. I have another possibility.

U.S. Consumers Lose More Than Billion to Online Threats, Consumer Reports Survey Finds (PR Newswire via )

The online threats associated with using the Internet remain high according to Consumer Reports's latest "State of the Net" survey. Consumer Reports projects that U.S. consumers lost more than billion over the last two years to viruses, spyware, and phishing schemes.

Internet crimes spreading like viruses (Daily Local News)

Despite stepped-up law enforcement and better security software, threats from cybercriminals remain potent, according to the 2007 Consumer Reports’ State of the Net survey.

New PC Software Restores Audio Recording Capabilities to Windows Vista for Free (PRWeb via )

Applian Technolgoies has just released a free, audio recorder that works incredibly well with Windows Vista and XP. This recorder uses revolutionary new recording technology which is sound card independent. It can capture audio as MP3 files from virtually any application or internet stream.